Friday, March 18, 2011


I have some "Old lady habits" but I will be modernizing them!

We all know I quilt. But I pride my self in being a member of the MODERN quilt guild in my area.

Up next. Master gardener! HA ok, well square foot gardener. I convinced my husband last night to start a garden. Today I got up put my grubby clothes on and "mapped out" a garden. Husband laughed, moved my garden 25 feet over to a hill, terraced it and drew up the plans. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend ;)

Its too late to start from seeds, which is fine, but I will be getting plants in a few weeks, so this gives me plenty of time to set my garden up and plan where to plant things. Very excited. Also did a little yard clean up and started a "compost pile". I quote it because its actually a pile of leaves that may get moved again, but for now its feet away from my soon to be garden. Perfect place for compost don't you think? Pictures to come!!!

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