Monday, March 28, 2011

March block 2

In March I got to work with the lovely corals and creams of this PB&J block. I had a lot of fun creating them.

For my Scrap bee Krista asked for Wonky stars. Since you had to use squares. I used what I already had and made this block. The middle piece she said we could have fun with.

In addition to this block Krista and I traded for some scraps so that I could have a variety for my Rainbow block. In return I made her another wonky star that needs to head her way!

The center was a little pink and purple wonky star that I trimmed up to fit into a blue and green wonky. I hadn't really planned on this. I was hoping to get a few wonky stars on one block, but I decided I didn't know enough to make that happen!

For the Fresh and Funky bee our host sent over some Japanese fabric. This is the first time I have worked with this kind and it was lovely. She is creating a zig zag quilt and I put together 2 blocks using  half square triangles. Not a block I would volunteer to do for my self, but easy eough when your only  making 8!

The brown fabric was the neatest thing. It had tiny cross hatches woven in... I really liked it.

This was the first month working with my Christmas bee fabric. March and Aprils fabric all came about the same time along with the block above and some packages of scrap fabric. I was also still getting bee blocks back from the houses a while back. I am sure something has gotten lost because I had about 10 packages arrive in two weeks! Happy Mail Day!

The first that I was able to work on and complete was the Russian Christmas.

Half square triangles, flying gees and a large center fussy cut block made these complicated looking blocks.

The darker pieces were batiks that gave me quite the trouble trying to figure out which was the right side. I figured its dyed fabric not screen printed so either works fine.

The centers were fussy cut to include russian christmas scenes.

The host of this block just recently welcomed a Russian born girl into the family after marring her son.

My other Christmas block for March (we make two) was a gold and silver production.

Pairing gold and silver raindeer and ornaments with a strip or two of silk created these lovely blocks.

However if you didn't watch it you could get your centers off.

But I thought they were even and might be if sewn right....

Hopefully she rips them out, I didn't realize this until I was about to mail them and was in kind of a hurry. Didn't really occure to me that I could have just kept them and ripped out the seam.

I was a women on a mission and I needed to get the post office! Hopefully she notices before she puts it all together. Oops!?

Also, I am starting to get pictures posted of my trees for my quilt from the Solid Bee blocks. So far I have three great trees that will be great in the village!

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