Friday, April 01, 2011

Kitchen- part 1

A few weeks ago Husband and I ordered a new kitchen. Went in for a new water spout for out side and came home with a large new debt and nothing to show for it... till this week! Our cabinets have arrived and our drive to get them up and running has set in.

Here is a lay out of the new kitchen. The opening on the right is to the hallway and front stairs. the other opening at the bottom goes to the dinning room. The window looking into the back yard is left picture. The largest change is moving the fridge from one side of the room the the other (now bottom right) and adding some cabinet space around the rest of the room. This is going to give me almost 4 feet more of counter space! I am very excited about this.

The company and what our cabinets will basically look like are on the brochure. Pictured are also our counter tops and our built in sink (the white). A free sink came with the purchase of the countertops, which was a nice insentive.

Tuesday I rushed home from work to be here when these guys arrived! They had our cabinets and we wanted them.
  They are currently stacked up in our living room waiting for the kitchen to be ripped out and progress to be made.

Just a sneak peak of the actual cabinet. Its shaker style with a Cherry Bordeaux finish.


  1. OH MY BEAUTIFUL! How exciting! I can't wait to see!!!!!!!

  2. can I ask where you bought those cabinets?