Saturday, April 02, 2011

Kitchen- part 2

Now that you know we have cabinets and what they look like lets see day one of progress. Cabinets arrived Tuesday, and we took all the packageing off to insure they were in the shape we wanted them in.  This is what I came home to after working the night shift Wednesday. Husband had worked that day and I had managed to do nothing in the kitchen but cook!

All the top shelves were down, the fridge had jumped sides and I was missing some base cabinets too!
I thought my kitchen was white, but with the cabinets down you can see the true white primer and the dirty or off white color of the paint.

The stove is closer to where it will be sitting after the project is finished which is about 8 inchs from where it has been.
Sorry for sideways...
Behind the chair molding we found this lovely print. Its wallpaper 1 and 2 that we have found so far in the kitchen. No, the color is not off its is pink. Rosy blush 1980 pink.

Also Hubbs started to take down the wallpaper boarder around the room. You can't really tell here... but the walls were painted pink at one time too. I think the previous owners painted right over the pink paint and part of the wallpaper boarder when they were selling. The once "oh so wonderful white walls" were not painted well and are streaked and lightly done in most areas when I take a moment to actually look at them during projects like this. Regardess its ok, we are painting over it all anyways!
Where did the cabinets go? The food? Everything?
The dinning room.

So that is what I came home to on night 2 of new kitchen!

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