Monday, March 07, 2011

March block 1

So I got the fabric in the mail for PB&J blocks for March. Smassini sent us pinks oranges and coral heavy weight fabric. It was a dream to work with! She asked for blocks from 8 to 12 inches square. I dove in...

These are the two blocks I put together over the last few days.

I knew I couldn't cut up this princess strip. I trimmed it to 12.5 and made it a focal point. Then I had the cat and owl boat that I just wanted to do a small trim around. After that I started a second piece that became the focal point on the second block, because I didn't feel it fit here. I decided to do a strip of the diamonds along the castle... but I wanted it to be a little more interesting so I cut between the diamonds and added some color. Then the top left corner is paper pieced. I just cut up strips and went at it. The piece on the right was added at the end to square it up. I hadn't planned on adding that pink, its the only pink in this block, but it not being square REALLY bothered me! Finished block was 12 squared.
My second block is plainer but still interesting I feel.  The diamond with the boarders around it was the piece that didn't make it into the first block. I still had the whole 3 inch strip of the pink with flowers and decided it needed to be used here. I loved the strip fabric and polka dots so much, probably why they made it into both blocks and had no left overs! (well ok... maybe an inch or two piece will make it to my scrap bin!)

Finished it off with a 5 inch square(ish) signature block that got pieced minutes before I put it in the mail. I was in such a hurry to get it done before I left the house today, which was pointless since I'm already back and the mail hasn't gone out... UGH! LOL.

Loved working with this fabric though. It was thick and heavy and pressed like perfection!


  1. I am completely in love with that bottom piece. The oranges and prints are heavenly!

  2. I agree 110% with Elle! Love those colors and patterns!