Monday, April 04, 2011

Kitchen- part 3

Day three of kitchen remodel.
Thursday I had the day off. I was suppose to work on the kitchen as much as my knowledge and talent would allow. Naturally I did the easy stuff first, I pulled up the caulk. Now, our house usually only surprises us when something is done right. So I can't say I'm too shocked about this caulking job. The bottom right hand of the pictures is an average size of caulk. It serves the purpose of creating a seam between the wall and the cabinet.  The caulk on the left is about 1.5 inches thick. It was serving as a filler for the huge gap between the not square wall and off kilter cabinets. Love my house!

As for the fact I did a lot of this by my self when Hubs wasn't home, there are no pictures of me actually working. Also my progress wasn't really noticeable. I did take one for the team and crawled into the cabinet and un bolt the counter top. Now, this doesn't seem like a big deal but the opening was less then 1 foot and I had my entire body from my waist up in this cabinet along with a large drill and no flashlight. I mean, who was going to hold it!? Still not a big deal? Well we have all seen those cartoons where the character easily gets into position and can't get out right? Well that was me. Half body stuck inside tiny cabinet with a husband who "won't be home for a while" according to his call 20 minutes prior. I panicked. I panicked big time! I wiggled and wrangled and eventually had to take my hair down and worm my way out. You know that weird dance move the worm? The one where someone lays on the stomach and moves across the floor? Well I did that on my side out of the cabinet until my shoulders were loose then I rotated and pulled the rest out. Needless to say I didn't get that far into the cabinet again.

Once Hubs got home, we put up a fence and ate dinner we worked on the kitchen. And yes, we are doing more then one major project at the moment. We are fencing in 2/3 of our back yard for the dogs but its been so cold we dont' work on it for long periods of time. Back to the kitchen!

The cabinet that I was stuck in has been removed. Where the broom ends is where the cabinet door was and that back corner is where I crawled to and got stuck.  More scary then it looks, specially at this angle. Those  items in the middle of the picture (back of the wall) are about 4 or 5 hot plate holders. How did they get behind the cabinets? probably falling down the giant gap the caulk was plugging.

 After getting all the cabinets out we cleaned up. Well, you know as much as you can at this point. It only required two trips to dump trash. The fridge in its new place. I can only take this picture because there is no cabinet in my way.
  Same with this picture. If the cabinets where in I would have been standing in our super Susan with my head in our upper corner cabinet. That is the door to the living room/entry.
 Stove with no cabinets which I have made lunch in so far. It wasn't easy but it worked.
 Hubs trying to figure out whats next. Check out the sink/water connections. We had to turn off the water to the whole house to take the sink out, no surprise but they didn't install any shut off valves. Hubs had to sweat on his own which thankfully worked the first time around and we were ready for running water when we wanted to shower later that night.

Well at this point it was still early in the evening as far as remodeling goes so I started on the faucet. You know  the part of the wall that juts out and covers the top of your cabinet for no real reason? You can see it on the picture above its covered with the coffee wall paper. I removed all of the wall paper that wasn't on the faucet early, between getting stuck and web surfing.

I was hoping for easy removal but it didn't look like that would be the case. We cut a few holes in the dry wall to only realize they actually studded it out every 18 inches and used a 2x6 to make the front of the faucet. I would say this was a huge surprise since I didn't expect it to be built nearly this well. That is not the norm for this house. You know, quality.

Hubs worked on it a while and made a dent in the overall removal. Also dirtied up the kitchen again. Its a never ending process.

Eventually we got one whole side ripped off. At this point we (really him) was tired of working above our head. We cleaned up and headed off to bed.

 Just some ending shots of the night...
Clean faucet

Work station

New sink parts, trash, and original flooring.

That wraps up day 3 of the kitchen.

Edit to add: For the last week I have been calling it a faucet... its a sophet. I'm sure thats not spelled right, but I wanted to point out since righting this I have learned what not to call it. I also think I might have a speach problem because noone corrected me. My F and S must sound similar? A southern thing maybe?

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  1. Gah hurry up and get to the after photos already! Lol!
    We have sophets too. They are dumb. But I am not going to go to the trouble of removing them. Unless we knock out the wall between the dining room and kitchen. And for that, I have to have plans to live in the dump for more than 5 yrs!