Friday, April 08, 2011

Kitchen- part 5

Saturday I had my shop hop and the hubs was left a lone to do some work! Day 5 and 6 actually run together a little. It took two days to scrape all the flooring and glue off the wood and also multiple layers of mudding needed to be applied, harden, sanded down, and reworked. So the weekend the room basically looked like this.
 However husband was able to sand down things like wallpaper, which just wouldn't come off.
 He also did major mudding around the new drywall pieces. We only mudded the pieces of wall  you would be seeing at the finished product. The rest of the seems will be handed in a different way.
Because this takes so long to dry and clean up there wasn't large visible progress made. However the steps taken were very important in the overall plan of putting a kitchen back together!

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