Thursday, April 07, 2011

Shop Hop

Last Saturday I was able to do my first shop hop with some of the ladies from my Modern Quilt Guild. The plan was to hit two shop then either go to the quilt show or another shop. Here we all are before we went our own ways.
Cindy, Mary, Priscilla, Thea, Jess and I had a great time!

Now being that I live almost an hour away from this group marks my first level of commitment. My second is the fact that I have yet to make it to the meeting place with out getting lost. That held true saturday getting there and getting out. It was oh so fun... Eventually I made it to Greensburg switched cars and we were on our way.

The first stop took us about 10 minutes from my house (who knew there was a town much less a quilt store!).Our first store of the hop was Quilters Corner.

This was a great shop. I just walked around in a daze for like 20 minutes. I just kept seeing bolts of fabric that I had only seen in little strips or pieces because of bees. I was shock. I had no idea actual stores carried such popular fabrics. It seems like everyone always has to get them online. I just assume LQS didn't carry anything "hip" and "cool". I was happily mistaken.

Seeing how it is just a few minutes from my house I didn't buy anything major. I didn't have a project in mind to purchase for and didn't feel like buying to just buy until came across their fat quarter stash.
I walked away with these lovely prints. All three have been used in someones bee which is why they grabbed my attention. I have no idea what to use them for, but I needed them. Understandble right!?

Then we headed North, ate lunch, and got a little turned around going to the next store. The second shop was Quilters Depot. Now, this wasn't the greatest shop. It had minimal fabric lines and actually very little bolt material. They did have lots of notions and panel pieces.I think for a beginner (which I think I still am) this shop would be great. A lot of their projects were large scale blocks and designs perfect for going together quickly!

I picked up the most fabric here. They had a 20% off on the two holiday fabrics and ofcourse I couldnt' pass up fat quarters.
I have two bees in June and July. One has to be Christmas themed and the other I haven't picked fabric yet. It occured to me at this shop I should be looking for Christmas fabric. Just to let you know, there really wasn't any to speak of, being that its 4 months ago and it probably started going on clearance 6 months ago! Regardless I found this snowman print. I'll fussy cut those snowmen and presants out and send them to my bees with some extra themed fabric and ask for something, what yet, I'm just not sure. The Halloween fabric will have the same fate. I thought those boxes with boxes on point would be great all fussy cut up with something else setting them a part. Not sure yet, but a Halloween quilt just seems great. The fat quarters were pieces I had seen online and in bees and just grabbed them. Happy accident that two will work for the Christmas theme.

At this point in the day it was 1:30. The quilt show was ending at 2 and I didn't want to bother heading down there. I switched car and joined Cindy and Jess to head up to The Quilt Company.

This store was HUGE and so worth going all the way to far North 'Burgh for. I dont' think it was actually that far away, just the way we had to get there took longer then the way back.

They had a back room that was running a special of "Buy one yard and get a second free" I couldnt' really pass that up if there was anything I was intereted in. Some of the fabric back there was truelly a find while others were understandably 50% off.

They also had amazing quilts around the top of the banisters for inspiration. Some even had kits. Luckily for my pocket book none of the quilts I was crushing on had kits. Saved me a bundle. I almost asked for one to be made up. I loved this particular line of blue and greens that they had used a disapearing nine patch to make, but I just couldn't get another set of fabric "just because" I had plenty and need to do something with those first!

I walked out with 2 yards of half off and a 1/4 yard of matching.
The stop light and bricks were found in the clearance room and I instantly grabbed them. I had worked with the bricks in a bee and was excited to find something I recognized for so cheap. Only helps that its christmas themed! the green star burst was in the same line of fabric and matched well with the stop light print so I went a head and got a little.

Over all I am very proud of my self for not buying too  much just because. With an exception of a fat quarter here and there every purchase had a reason. I also know now that there is quilt stores ALL OVER my area and that I can make a quick stop if I really need anything!

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