Wednesday, May 04, 2011

April Showers

Brings May flowers.

So I have more bee blocks that I finished, but I dont' remember if they are for May or April since I did get a head start on some of the new ones. I'll post and not worry about it...

Wanting a spring look I made this mosaic tree.Nothing fancy. Lagoon blue and Clover grass just like my own blocks that I requested.
I made her a second block, because I'm nice? hehe Not sure why maybe she asked. Also lagoon blue with a brown trunk. The leaves and trunk are appliqued on along with he bird.
Dustin in Solid bee blocks wanted something that was a flower or a butterfly. I failed big time on these. They aren't pretty at all! Lagoon background again (can you tell I had a stash!?) with paper pieced flowers. The flower didn't turn out at all like I had hoped. I wanted it to be more of a pink dandelion, instead it was a weird pink blob.

My attempt at a butterfly was lack luster. I used the colors he sent. I attempted to add details to the wing and just messed it up. Ripped them out, tried to fix the wholes left by the stitching and just sent it. Hopefully he'll fancy it up with some quilting!

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