Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kitchen- part 6

Alright.. .so its been a while since the kitchen up date. Things happen, deals were made, orders were re ordered. So I skipped some parts. I'll just do an easy wrap up to this point...

Forgive the mess. We have no counter tops, only butcher block pieces from another project. You can tell because the sink sits on them, but its not supported in the front. Also, I hadn't done dishes yet! The window trim isn't up yet either. Not sure why, just haven't stained it yet!
You can see the new lighting here along with the other features.
View from the hallway, as apposed to the above which is from the dinning room.
Completely new addition with the remodel. Also you can see the simple crown molding that was reordered.
 Told  you it would be simple. Please enjoy the kitchen "tour".

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