Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Do List-update

Alright... so I scanned my blog the other day and noticed the "To Do list". Honestly, had forgotten about it! So I took a gander and realized most of that was pointless now....

Wedding Quilt - I decided on to do this. Granted the top is still hanging untouched for the last 5 months. I never thought I would be one of those people who put a top together and they just left it. Why would anyone do that? LOL Still not sure but its there waiting for me to love it again.

Campbell Baby Gift - Crossed off and blogged about...

Mom's Quilt - Crossed off... maybe never blogged about? Regardless mom loves it. FULL of imperfections but whatever!

C Gift 1-Decided against doing this gift.
C Gift 2 - And this one too. In a happy rush to do something for babies I hinted I might make something up for an old friend. Granted I offered this after not seeing her for a few years and we haven't talked since then... So it got nixed.

Primary Quilt (Rainbow quilt along)- OH! So I washed all the fabric. and Cut a few up...but that was only because I wanted what would be left of the yardage. And that is really as far as I have gotten. Quite sad actually. I am excited do to do this... but it will take a lot of room and pre planning and I just don't have the space right now.

Bro Pillow - Done and given over.

Baby Houser - I need to get some Seuss Yardage ASAP and make this happen. This is me telling mama that I want to make a fun blanket for baby.... But its going to be a surprise.... I hope. Probably will blog about it and forget... oh well.

Apron -Looked and looked for patterns and never got it made. The bride is married and on her honeymoon I think now. Not sure... can't say we have talked much.
Now, after righting all this I sound bitter and hateful. But I don't understand putting so much work into a handmade project when the recipient probably won't care nor are they a big part of my life picture. Oh well. Let the nastiness do what it has to do.

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