Friday, June 17, 2011

House Hunting

So I have been pretty quite the last little bit because I was busy finishing up a dinning room, supervising a siding project, moving my sister in law in, and house hunting.

The dinning room is complete and makes me not want to move. Seriously. Between the dinning and living room... I about cried when I realized I would be leaving it before summer was over. To top it off Monday the counter was installed and I have been out of town since Friday so I imagine getting home and haveing an actual completed kitchen will bring tears or joy and sadness.

The siding has gone on and is finished. this was also not complete when I left. However a majority was done and it looks fine. I don't love it I think that's because it draws attention to the split level colonial look as before the dark siding blended in creating a seamless two story look.

Sister in law has been watching the dogs for us and supervising the finishing touches of the projects that wrapped up while we were gone. Hopefully it wasn't too bad. I bet she is bored out of her mind.

Oh, and we found a house. Actually we found lots of houses. Found one at the tip top of our price range with too much landscape and about twice the room that we need. But they couldn't move out until after Thanksgiving and we needed the house in a month. We weren't willing to pay what it was going to cost to get them out of the house so we never made a formal offer. That same night another house came on the market we made an appointment to see it and decided to put in an offer before leaving the property. After seeing close to two dozen houses we knew that houses in this neighborhood, this size, and in this good of shape weren't going to happen so we snapped it up before anyone else saw it. Our market really was going to quickly. 3 house went under contract before we decided if we even liked them enough to see them a second time!

The front of the house.
The trim is pretty newly painted and has white vinyl siding.
The living room.
The front door is behind the lamp on the left. The door closest to the stairs is a closet, then the kitchen, and the dinning room is the door you can barely see on the bottom right.
The kitchen.
This picture is taken from the door way in the living room. Directly on your right is the fridge (out of view) and to the left is a set of stairs to the basement. I would like to put a dutch door here so that I don't open the fridge door and step back to my death. I have a double oven stove on the right then a cook top. Beyond that is a door way into the large dinning room. The laundry also has a half bath and a laundry shoot from the master bed room. The breakfast nook is cute and small. We are already talking about turning it into a pantry with a door to close it off. The dinning room is close and large that a breakfast nook just isn't necessary. But the small kitchen lends a vote for a converted pantry.
"Florida Room"
This room  was originally a porch. This picture is taken from the dinning room. The windows are more like floor to ceiling sliding glass doors with screens. For now the dogs will live in here until we know what to do with it.
 This is the addition/conversion that made this house interesting. Off of the master bed room where a sleep porch once was the owners converted it into a master bath. These are the closets that go along the back side. No they aren't walk in... but with this much space who cares!? What you can't see is the bath tub with no shower. This is project one. Well that and ripping up the carpet in this room and the other bath. The "laundry shoot" is just out of the picture on the bottom right. I barely new where to look for it and probably wouldn't have found it if Hubbs hadn't been nosy and looked in the cabinets down stairs.
The back yard.
Ok, so its small and boring. But its functional. We have fencing on both sides and just need to connect them to the house to create a full fenced in yard. All the way at the end of the lot is a single car garage. This will house the man tools needed to pretty up things.  We will also be constructing carport/covered parking on either side and leveling the ground to create more parking. This will not jeopardize anything.

Well that is the house that we have put a bid on. All the pictures came from the public realtor site. I did not take any of my own due to a no media rule. I will however take plenty if we get to take possession of this house. I am not in search of bungalow, craftsman, and arts and crafts home blogs. Know any? I would love to see them!

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