Friday, July 08, 2011

Anniversary Quilt

My sorority is celebrating there 90th anniversary of my chapters founding this fall. As part of this we are trying to raise $90,000 for scholarships for future members. I volunteered to make a quilt that would be raffled or auctioned off for additional funding. I came up with a string paper pieced block that when put together creates a diamond. The four point diamond is a symbol for the sorority so I thought this would be a great way to represent sorority as a whole, but not over due it.

I did three rows of the diamonds that ends up being about 41x43 inches.

This kind of blends in with my bed spread here, but you can clearly see the diamonds and the effect all the blocks have together.  I am going to add an inch of white board around the center panel and then do another 6 inch boarder of a separate blue fabric.

When I went to the store today to get the extra boarders the store was completely out of most of the prints I had used for the blocks and all of the prints that were blue and white specific. I was not very happy seeing how I have kept an eye on these fabrics for the last 6 months and none of them seemed to be moving. I took it for granted that if I was going to need more I would be able to go get them. I also bought 2.5 yards of a paisley print for the backing. Coming out just short 20 I panicked a little. I always do when I by large amounts of fabric when they are not on sale. But, I didn't want to wait since I was on a roll with this quilt. I need it to be finished before I lose interest again!

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