Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 for 1

I have started 2 quilts in 1 day!

I found this great jelly roll pattern that I decided to go ahead and work with. I had a jelly roll that I had bought in Cali last summer. I had just started quilting and had to have a jelly roll by moda. After getting home and looking at it better I didn't like but maybe 3 fabrics so it has been on hold until now. I don't have any pictures since I am only half finished. Its a quilt as you go rag style pattern. I however ran out of fabric. I could totally go with what I have now, but it would only be about baby size and these aren't really baby colors. I'll get two more neutrals tomorrow and finish the quilt.

Since I am on a sewing cutting spree I went ahead and started cutting for my bottle rainbows! I am VERY excited to finally get to work on this. I have been putting it off and off or no real good reason... but now I know I have the time and energy to make this work! A while back I needed some white for some block or other... so I cut out all of my center blocks for this quilt and then cut up the white for the block. Also, maybe even the same block, needed some oranges and aquas, so I cut out some strips for the borders and then used extra.... let me quote the pattern for a minute...

"Each rectangle block finishes at 16 x 20", including a 2.5" sashing in solid Kona cotton. For the center of each block, you'll want a nice neutral such as white, cream or natural linen. Finished quilt will measure 64 x 80" - a very generous blanket (or add a 5" border to make it a twin sized quilt!).  "

So what did I do? Oh, I cut my center block 16 x 20 so my starting piece is that large not the whole block after sashing. Ok well that's fine whatever... Sashing 2.5... hum, well that kind of makes since.... so I cut mine at 6 inches. Yeah.... tad bigger. Didn't realize it at the time. I knew I had about twice as much fabric as I needed so I thought "Hey, I'll sash with 6 since I think you are supposed to sash with 4" so no big worry right? Good thing this is quilt as you go... this might turn out to be like a king size quilt! Exciting... but HUGE!! By blocks are going to be about 27 x 32. So it looks like my finished size will be around 104 x 128. hehe like I said... H U G E

Tomorrow I will take pictures, get fabric if the store is open (fingers crossed) and start sorting my scraps for the "bottled" part of my blocks.

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