Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bad blogger

So I never take photos and the ones I do take are on my phone not my camera. Point? I got the fuzzy blanket put all together with the exception of hand stitching the binding down, but since it had no real purpose it can wait until I have someone to sit on the couch with and ignore video games.

I started the bottled rainbow. I was right about the huge part... and they blocks are measuring something like 27 by 30. Next to my little 12.5x12.5 ruler it looks gigantic. In fact I think two of them would make a baby quilt with out any question! Which actually got me thinking... that it would be really cool to do a ticker tape baby quilt. I dont' think it would be too hard to find a rainbow fabric and just do the middle all crazy like... or a little order to the chaos. Just a thought!

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