Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bee blocks

Pictures! Its a miracle! Ha... spoke too soon! Can't get my camera to work with the computer.... but none the less
I have run out of fabric to make quilts... OK well not completely true. I have run out of ideas for the fabric I have. That is more accurate. So I have turned to my Bee Blocks. So far I only have 2 whole rounds back... which actually shows me that I am still missing a block or too because I only have 9 for each bee when I should have at least 0 if not 11. But whatever. This is all I'm getting so I'm committed to work on it.
I was originally inspired by a quilt that was hanging in a back ground of a workspace I was admiring in a book. The book "Organize your Craft Space" featured Freddy Moran as the artist to represent quilting. Here is a picture where you can see a finished quilt on her design wall and one of her desks. (This isn't a picture from my book, but it is her space)

You can tell from these two photos and many more if you google them that her style is bright and funky.
When I first started working with the bees I figured they would lend them selves wonderfully to piece just like this. Color and creativity wouldnt' be a problem here and a less then square block would never be noticed in this chaos of color.

But that was over a year go. Not that my taste has changed too much, but this quilt just looks so BUSY to me. Granted it is fun and festive... I just don't have a place or a need for a fun and festive quilt this time in my life.

I laid all my tree blocks from a solid bee and house blocks from PB&J and ended up with a 4 ft by 5 ft quilt. This produces a dominate blue (sky) quilt with warm houses and cool trees dotting the landscape.  I had full intentions of adding black and white flying geese as shashing through the entire quilt, but after laying some black and white stripes behind it became the busy Freddy look, but it wasn't a nice as I was wanting. The original was simple and pleasing. If my camera was working I would gladly you show you my trial and error looks but I'll just have to settle for type. For now I'll just square of the blocks (since many came entirely too large) and sew them together.

Along with too little fabric I don't have any batting left. 5 bags of filling for pillows? Yes, more then a few strips of batting... no. Also I'm on a spending spree. All three of the animals have seen the vet this month and two are due for booster shots in a week. So no money, must find fabric in stash to sew together...

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