Monday, October 03, 2011

For Elle

I have decided to keep a letter/journal for my Dear Jane quilt. Every time I work on it I'll make an entry and tell a little about life. I figured for this labor of love there needs to be a story to go with it. Not all my quilts will have this kind of work. So I need to make it worth my while.

I finally got all the patterns copied (I think) but I have only traced templates for the A and B rows that I had before 4 pm. I did manage to get to blocks started/finished today. A simple 9 patch that I made with Moda bliss and then a window pane looking block that is still missing its applique diamonds. The window block was made with a light blue from Brothers quilt made last year.

I plan to use as many scraps as possible in this quilt to give it a variety, but at the same time I have to use the scraps in bottle rainbow. I don't want to cut up something for one quilt and not be able to use it in another. I know there will always be more fabric but its nice if I don't have to keep buying large pieces just for little squares. Remember... the Dear Jane finishes at 4 inches square. The pieces aren't big the largest so far has been just bigger then 2 inches square.

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  1. The quilt seems like a mammoth amount of work from the pictures! It's beautiful though. I can't wait to see what your version ends up looking like!