Tuesday, April 17, 2012


April 15 in the wee hours of the morning my grandma's house lost a battle with a tornado.
That is my mom (holding my first quilt) and my dad. That use to be my grandmothers house that you can see through. She is fine, for the record, but this post is really just for her!

Grandma, I'm going to make you a new BED SIZE quilt for your new place!
But, I bet you already  knew that if you are reading this because I sent you here to think about fabric choices!

I have no bed to put a quilt on. Actually I don't have one of my quilts, they are on other peoples beds and baby dolls.  But, I can make one for my grandma! There is a new place in her future and will need a new bedspread.

Now, I know you'll (grandma) would like anything that I make, but I would like you to really enjoy it too! So I have picked a few fabric lines that I could turn into a quilt just as soon as you say GO! Check them out and think what you would like! Dark "grown up" colors? Springy always fresh colors? Primary? Anything with flowers? All solid and modern? Let me know!

California Girl: I think the pinks could be amazing! I also think we could include the blues and greens to add interest. I would think this would fall into the "Always spring" category!

Other "Always spring":
Promenade has a few versions and could easily be made into a very large quilt!
Sew Cherry: Very bright and fresh but might be a little much?


Cattails & Clover: Now, not my style, I would say this falls into my "grown up" category. If you like the earth tones we could find something a little less Cattail, but you get the idea.

More "Grown Ups"
There is also a blue and maybe a green colorway if you don't want ti to stay so rosy

Seems very pretty and could be made dark with more of the red and grey or light with the pinks and blue.

Northcote Range: Maybe a mono-tone would be better? I keep leaning towards pinks. Do you want a pink quilt? Of course we could use all three color ways and must mix things up!

Fun Mono-tones
Historia Avalon: Just one of MANY blues if you like this one we could add other blue colorways or keep it to one line.
Meet Me at Sunset: There is also a "yellow" and "orange" version. This is the pink. They would all go very well together or as separates.

And then a few that just look really neat!
Reminds me of your house. Maybe its the blue? Who knows

Fun, bright and bold. Might be too much but it seemed "grown up"

Sweet and vintage looking. Also comes in a pink and blue/green colorway to mix in match if you like.
OK, a little too bright, but fun!

Alright, that was just a few of the MANY that you could pick from. http://www.fatquartershop.com/Fat-Quarter-Bundles.asp?Store_id=499&Page_Id=15&sid=29354172256452935 
That is a link that can take you to a online fabric shop that has all the "collections" of fabric. Of course you don't have to pick out anything specific. You could pick a color, or set of colors if a whole collection doesn't suit you! Take your time, I realize this is not really a priority.

Love you Grandma!


  1. hope your Grandma's house is repaired by now - I know her house will never be quite the same. Just wondering how that quilt is coming along and which fabrics she picked.
    You are a wonderful grand daughter!

    1. Thea! Her house was torn down just a few days later. She is now living a very active life in an assisted living center that she is loving. I haven't started the quilt yet, because she never picked colors. I need to reminder her to get on that!