Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Well its been a bit since I posted. Everything and nothing has happened since then. But I'm only posting really for my grandma. She needs updates on the kitchen and I can't message them to her...

So here we go....

This is the main side. The corner cabinet was wasted space before and the dish washer moved to the other side of the sink. The lazy suzanne alone holds more then the cabinets there were there previously. The green is "palm" is is pretty true to color here. The windows don't have any of their trim. We'll be making copies of the ones in the house, but stained the color of the cabinets. The flooring will be the same as the ups stairs bathroom.

 I have already forgotten what this kitchen looked like! Although the new kitchen will be darker and cozy... its the way we like our kitchens! I also use the term "cozy" lightly as are kitchen is just actually about a foot too small to put in an island so really it is awkwardly large.

A part visual of the plans. We have actually changed a little bit from this image, but only small details that wouldn't be worth pointing out.

Floor pictures because I can....

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  1. LOVE the floor and the color of the cabinets! The green adds a lot of warmth too. You guys have done a beautiful job so far! Cannot wait to see the final project.