Friday, July 27, 2012

Yellow Cart

So today I was woken up early. I'm not going to name times or anything... but it was a good hour plus before I have been naturally rolling out of bed. It was a lovely morning after the tornado rout storm last night and it was cooler then most mornings lately. I sat out side and reviewed a magazine that was a year or so old. Then decided I wanted to be productive... and productive was going to require Star.bucks. So I got up and started driving. Made it to the corner of my street when I saw a moving sign. Which I of course promptly followed to the next street over.

"Tons of cars" I thought, "this must be good!"

As I walked up the product lined side walk I noticed elderly people poking through copper pans and cake molds. Lots of folding tables, cassette tapes, and VHS. Then I noticed a lovely yellow cart. I had seen similar carts popping up on design shows and magazines. I looked around for a price. I saw a tag and thought ...

"Nope, must be for the box of tapes above, or maybe each tape individual, but not the cart! Surely not the cart".

 I went inside to look around and realized the "more inside" meant a few pieces of furniture and some napkins. I went back out side and checked the cart.

 "Maybe that is the price?"

Well I need to walk away. I have no real need for this lovely, slightly scuffed, retro yellow cart. So I went and got my coffee. While I waited I googled retro carts. Couldn't come up with much that wasn't brass or glass. I figured, if I have enough money in my car and purse I'll go buy it. So I swung back by, saw the beauty and handed over the loot. IT WAS MINE....

Went home and did some research. I know I got a pretty good deal... but how good?

On Craigslist for $40

Same site for $125

I'm going with both these sold since they are no longer actually linked to craigslist.

Mine looks more like this.....

But without the hand in the top right. Now, after looking for more high priced carts I realized other people have walked away with deals like  mine but I still feel proud of my self. I usually see deal like today's only before I realize how great they are.... So I don't feel bad for my cart deal of the day when I say I paid...


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