Thursday, October 11, 2012


To avoid doing a picture dump I'm just going to do a bunch of post in a row. Maybe some will be long, maybe not. Here goes!

This is our last camping trip. Hubbs is here stoking the fire for dinner. We have the new to us Coleman pop on the right with its awning folded out. The white tent directly behind him was something we bought after having tarp envy of other camp sites. The orange and black lights were a new addition this last outing.
You can see the camper is pretty good size. It also came with the "rug" that is very visible here. Its about the size of the white tent, but we put it off to the side because of the picnic table.
This is part of the lake we were camping on. It was a CCC lake (we think) with a very tiny dam. It was actually a great spot.
This is what it looked like when we went at the end of September. It was amazing. It looked nothing like this 30 miles south were we live. The rows of green evergreens were replanted some time after the lake was completed. We know this because they were all in a straight lines around the lake. Thus, the give away that it was a CCC project.
Edited to add...
Our first set up with the new camper. We also borrow friend Kayaks.
Yes, we have hanging lights. It gives off plenty of light at night.
Inside the camper. It actually has most of the curtains down in this picture. I plan of re doing all the blue curtains to a different color by next season. Maybe a black or stripe. In the picture is the "Kitchen" and dinning table.
This is SIL and I at the half way point of one of the mountains around the park. It was the only vista view the whole hike. I complained a lot on this one. I like my hikes to be prettier then just trees. Mia goes on all our hikes with us and loves them. Water is still her favorite part.
We have more pictures somewhere, but apparently not on my phone. We did however love camping all summer.

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