Monday, October 15, 2012

North Carolina

For my birthday back in September I went to North Carolina to see an old friend and his wife. I have since told that old friend that he has stayed in my life this long (going on 13 years) so that he could introduce me to his wife and she would become my new best friend. Yes, I met the women in July then drove 9 hours again two months later just to see her and spend a weekend crafting. My 2 nights turned into 4/5 and we had a great time!

On the way down I had to cross many bridges but this one scared the Bee Jeezee's out of me! It had only center supports and was very pretty. I drove really slowly to get a picture of this from my drivers seat on the way back. No drunk driving, just photo taking!
This is Miss Ashley. My new bestie. She was teaching a couponing class on base while I was there and took the course. I learned a lot.
She taught me how to do this. We did this in one day while there. All this cost her something like $17 but got $21 in coupons so she made $4 in couponing talk for all of this. Can you believe that?! Before you think poorly or judge why she needs 54 deodorants know that she will be sending all of this over seas with her husband and his unit when he deploys in a few months. She donates to her military family and its hard no to support her efforts when you know that!
We also did some amazing site see while there. We stumbled upon Fort Muncy which had an amazing history dating back to the 1700 Or 1600. I can't remember.
Ash and I decided we needed to find an abandoned fort and turn it into a B&B because it would be cool. You know, with those few millions we have laying around we thought it would be easy!
Of course the guys would have to do the yard work with grounds like these. Oh, yeah  that's the ocean in the back ground!
As part of our shopping I picked up this reusable cup. I take this on all of my subbing days. It appeals to my green (stop throwing everything away) side and my support my college roommate who has breast cancer side. It says " Fight like a Girl" in the breast cancer pink. I thought it was more school appropriate then "Save the TaTas" even though that was an option.

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