Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Alright, last night we went on another shopping spree. Granted after wards I was told this might be the last one for a long time. That's fine I am creatively strapped! However the shopping trip to Ikea did put us about 150$ lower in the ol'bank account. But... the good news (besides all the organization boxes and decorations) We found a sushi place! Yes... I reall one that has good stuff. I ordered a California roll and a Crap Tampora Roll. They were amazing.

Shopping... Got tons of black boxes and magazine holders. We have only filled about half of them... but I know I can do more then that... I just haven't gotten creative. I don't want to just throw junk into them. I want a system. I want what is in the boxes to be actual stuff that we will use more then once a year... perferably more like once a month or more! I have already saved my self some time because I knew exactly where the scissors were today.

Also... the King was delivered today. Took like 10 minutes. I was seriouslly impressed since it took me longer then that to take the mattress off and put the bed skirt on. Right now the bed isn't made... (sheets might be dry though) but I have the comforter and blanket relaxing. Hopefully they will dewrinkle a little. I didn't want to wash them for fear of ruining them a I don't have time to dry clean. No they were not that expensive but I don't plan on maiming them either.

Now... off to work for 5.5 hours... joy.

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