Thursday, March 25, 2010

Up Dates...

Since I keep begging my friends for updates of their house, I figure I would show you up dates of mine. Some pretty.... some not so much. So here goes... *warning heavy Pic load*

Before Dinning room

After Dinning Room

View from the kitchen.
Close up of "new" chandelier (with out the shades and a new coat of spray paint)

Before Den
Back corner. Glare from back sliding doors.

Front door and stairs.

Back corner left.

After Den (well work in progress...)
View from bottom of stairs. Sorry for the water spots.
View from back corner looking at stairs.
View of back corner. Frames will get pictures, table will be stained, all walls will be painted.
That is two rooms worth of updates! I had more... but they don't seem so impressive after seeing these up. The Den has a lot of work still to be done but its coming along. The Dinning room is for the most part finished. Hope you liked it. Have any suggestion? Would love some ideas!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dining room! And those little red cube planters are awesome in the living room! I definitely see the style you like reflected in your house! It looks much more updated too!

  2. Thank you for the comment! I looove your updates, great work! Have a lovely weekend. :o)

  3. Man thats a lot of paneling haha! I do really like the updates you've done. They look really good! I like what you did with the chandelier! Very pretty!