Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I went to the library to return some gardening books that barely got read but were put to use with the little knowledge gained. I figured if my little library had so may gardening books... maybe they had some quilt books too. So I looked it up. "Oh a full page" So I jotted some down... "wait... is that a next page button?" so I clicked... "Oh another full page" I did this for 4 times before I had about 8 books written down and thought "good grief stop now and go look!".

So off I went to look for books. took me a minute but I figured it out. Side note... if they posted information other then "Fiction" "Magazines" and "Non Fiction" I think it would be easier to find... how but some numbers ladies?

Book one: Well... I actually can't see the title because it laying ope... I'm half way through chapter two. Its a picture book for quilters with step by step instructions. It even has a glossary on the page where it introduces "Lingo". he he It is a great beginners book.

Book two: 505 quilt blocks. Who knew?! Well... OK I feel like because it is square and appliqued does not make it a block... so 505 might be a stretch... but I am dying to do oh... about 300 of these blocks. Where ever will I find the time?! I am amazed and confused. The pieces show how to piece it together and in what order but no sizes or anything like that. I'm not good enough to figure that process out yet. But... in the back is a tips and techniques section. I read how to do about 6 new stitches... Yippee for me. It is about a 350 page book... and I have looked through it 3 times now. Each time I see something different that I want to try.

Book three: 501 rotary-cut blocks. Um... hello beginner here all straight lines means heaven! I have yet to really look at this book but I opened it up saw that each pattern has its blocks measurements laid out in 4-8 inch measurements what pieces you need of what color and what size. Its like a dummies spread sheet. I almost yelped for joy at the moment I realized this. So of course it got added to the pile.

Now I just have to figure out what to pick. Did you know there are like a dozen different basket blocks? How about stars??! Oh my... I am not sure I could even count them. I am amazed... I am excited. I am running out of time and money that is basically fictional at this point because I have so much planned!!


  1. Ok, so comment #1. Dewey Decimal System. All those #s on the books correspond to the type of book and the location in the library. (Grandma was a librarian for 30 years ha!)
    #2 What is the name of the book with all the basket blocks? I wanna practice some of those! I have a great embroidery pattern that would look cute in a lil basket!

  2. I knew it was the Dewey Decimal System... but I wonder if they did. I mean there were NO numbers on the shelves... I just had to look every now and then to see if I was in the right area.

    501 Rotary-Cut quilt blocks is the one with so many baskets. The 505 one has cutter baskets but they are aplique ones...