Friday, April 16, 2010


I am whelmed (hehe Clueless). Well... overwhelmed for those you don't remember the bad 90's movies these days.

I have volunteered my self and friends to take on a quilt project. After hours of block searching and YouTube watching on how to cut, sew, bind, and miter I have learned one thing.

I know nothing!

Yeah... laugh you know you want to. I can recall making pillows, aprons, skirts, vest, and many more things in my days of sewing. Granted Grandma was right there making me do the un fun things (measuring, pressing, etc) that I am sure contributed to the finish product more then I'll admit even today. But now it is my responsibility to make this quilt look amazing and I am so unsteady on my feet I could be pushed over with a feather right now.

Who knew there was so much to sewing!? Who knew you needed so many tools to do it right!? I need to look up "Old Fashion" measuring... because I have a stick and a mat. Even that is more modern then what people originally had, so how did they do it!? How did they cut strips and squares and half squares and quarter half squares (LOL) with just scissors?! Yes... that requires a question and exclamation point. I am not in class and my writing requires it, sorry teachers!

So..before I ruin my quilt project I am going to finish my quilt that I started about a year and a half ago. So far it is pieced, sandwiched and basically biased together I just need to put the binding on. I have watched about 45 minutes of binding how to and understand the basics of putting it on... now I have to figure out how to cut it. Should be simple right... straight lines... HAHA. I don't' think so either. But this will be my first binding quilt. I have done two baby quilts where I now know I "Birth" finished them. Sewing the fronts together and turning them out. It was great for those two projects since I did them in a few days but this quilt needs to be better!

So I am on a mission this weekend to finish that quilt. Hopefully I do not go insane!

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