Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have started a new project. A quilt. I know right? A little out of the ordinary. But... I have a plan. Some people are in on the plan some are not. Too many details I'll give it way however... here is my plan:

The colors are blues, cream, and sage. it was a collection of 5 from Joann's with the exception of the plain cream. I am going to be the project coordinator of this quilt but I will be having help. I have recruited people to help me block it out. I want each person to contribute a block/ piece that reflects their talent. For instance the women who has a shop of hand made goodies might make something very intricate like a star pattern. The friend who might know where a sewing machine is has the option of getting something embroidered on at the local shop... but she can pick colors, font, size, etc. IF a friend is more into cross stitch or some other fun craft I am all up for trying to fit it in. Now... the kicker. Each block will not be the same size. I do not want to designate a size in case someones "block" is empty or if someone would like to do a complicated design but needs to make it large enough to work with. So with that thought I have come up with some examples of Multi block quilts that I think would give a good representation of what I have in mind.

This is actually a lot more formal then I had in mind. I also am not a fan of the edging around all the blocks.

This has a lot more talent and sewing then what I believe will be put into this quilt, but it would be nice to reach this level. I like that the blogs blend together and that difficult blocks like the large one are Incorporated with pieces like the stripes at the bottom.

This I feel is another example showing the different size blocks pieced together. When all the colors are similar I feel that it give it a nice look but a large part of the quilt can be quite simple.

I think this is actually a scrap book page but I LOVE the look of it. Even though its made up of mostly large pieces I like that there is item like the butterfly or monogram that spans different blocks.

I also think we should include these images/ideas for sure...

I love the quote name and date idea... It might not all fall in the same area or direction but I think it would be nice to include since it is going to be a memory/friend quilt.
I think the idea of bringing flowers and embroidery into this project is classic. The fabric patterns have flowers on half of it... but I think it would be nice to include some hand stitched too. This is an example of something that could span a block or too... I have no idea who can do this but It would be interesting to find out or learn!

Of course a monogram would be needed in the very least if the name's aren't. Below it could have the date... or it could be somewhere else. But something like this would look so sleek on the cream background as a small block or a center of a larger one! It is also the right color!

So friends. Do we like the idea of different side blocks? Do you want there to be pieces spanning multiple blocks? Do you think we could include important dates, times, and maybe some items? What would you add?

P.S. I have no idea where these images came from. Sorry!

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  1. Ok, so I thought I commented earlier...apparently not...
    I had said that I have been wanting to do some hand embroidery for awhile, flowers, butterflies, etc. I think that would look neat on a block. Or some crocheted flowers. I am totally ok with doing like 3 or 4 or 5 blocks. Basically what you and others don't,can't, won't do I will!!!!!!!!!!!