Monday, April 12, 2010

One point....

In order to teach in PA I needed to pass a second set of test other then the ones Oklahoma required. If you didn't know... I'm already licenced in Oklahoma. Now I have to be certified in PA.

Well like any other thing involving education that was tons of nasty rumors "My friend took the test and never passed it. Now they are teaching in XYZ state." or " My cousin took the test 4 times and finally passed it by a point" you can imagine the other things I heard. The lucky few who apparently did pass it were subjects to statements like "Oh yeah passed it 3 years go, still can't get a job in my field unless I move across the state" Ugh... So not promising!

Well I went into the test with complete confidence. I mean... its a silly test, over subjects I studied, love, and tough. Can't be that hard right? Um... first off the site was completely in professional. But that a side the test was hard. Not like "oh wow this sucks hard" but more of a "did I lean anything in college or life????" hard. There was definitions with words I didn't understand trying to identify more words I didn't understand. Almost every question was asking things I didn't know. I felt stupid! Then again... when test results came back I failed by a point. One point... I figured I had waited long enough to take that test and that the next one could wait too... then I had a bad day at work and decided I needed to get my self in gear.

I signed up for a second round of test. Finished reading a World History, started a presidents book, and managed to get through a majority of a Econ book. This apparently helped a lot. Come test day I was still pretty nervous. I did feel better when I showed up and recognized some faces. The only way that is possible is if they were in my group from last time, meaning they too didn't pass. A little relief there. Well I took the test, changed some answers at the end ( I never do that I swear by first reaction) and walked out of that test feeling dang sure of my self. I new I had passed that test. I knew that compared to how beat down I felt after leaving that room the first time and only missing by a point I KNEW this time I had done it...

Flash forward a month, many people asking, and a password change and I realized....


I received a 173 out of 200!!! Average high is 177. I feel pretty pumped for my self. Yeah... its not close to a 200... but I didn't fail! So now... I must contact the Alma mater and get some paper work done! Hopefully I can get an emergency placement or long term sub position!!!

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  1. I hear ya on that one damn point! I missed transfering my tests (all 3) by within 1-3 points. The main test was by 1 point! Its a bitch!