Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I have finally kicked the Husband off the computer and took pictures all so I could show you the fabric of my new quilt project!

This is them all nice and put together. Don't the match wonderfully? The fabric says "Free Bird Studios/Legendary Studios" If that means anything to anyone.

Flowers with repeating vines Light blue Flower Print

Polka Dots (the cream is actually the same white as the whites in the other fabric but it photographed darker)
Dark Blue Flower Print (only noticed they were the same when I took their picture...)
I also have all my blocks figured out. Total of 17 different blocks. One pattern is repeated 7 times (being the most) and a majority of the blocks are only done once.
Using the patterns I have some are going to be as small as 5.5 with a border to make it 6 in and some are 12 in with a boarder to make them 18. A few get to actually be non complicated and are made to be a 12 or 6 inch block! Thank goodness... I wouldn't be able to figure out boarders for all of them.

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