Thursday, August 12, 2010

Basment Progress

The reason my August block just got finished yesterday was due to the excessive amount of time I have been watching Hubs put into the basement. Yeah you read that right... I don't' claim to do a lot of the work. We took down the trim, painted, filled large gaps in the dry wall with expanding foam, sanded and stained the trim etc. At some point we decided that the black stone shelving going around the room needed to be tiled. We didn't like the black and tiling was our only real option after a few discoveries and trail and error. You can see the black rock best here. Also you can get a good idea of the color of paint by checking out the post on the dinning room. The top coat on the walls, Almond, is the same all over the basement. The project that has kicked this paint job into a full on basement remodel is this area below.Welcome to my basement and its large alcove. This is about 20 ft by 8 ft. recessed area. The bathroom shares the left half of the wall while behind the right side is an alcove in the laundry room. We had planned on putting a kitchenette/bar down here from the beginning we just didn't realize we would be doing it this time around. We went to the local box store and picked up our 3 sets of cabinets. From left to right there is a 60 inc, 36 in, and a 9 in with a 17.5 inch gap for a small fridge. We stained them the same color as the trim and panelling in the room. Husband has ran plumbing from the bathroom and there was already a pipe for drainage peaking through the wall that we had to connect with. You can see the tile and grout that has been done so far. We decided a tile back splash would be best. Instead of attempting to match the clearance tile that goes around the room we opted for coordinating instead. We have 2x8in accent tile and 8x10in rectangles that we will be staggering for a brick look. Its odd to go down there right now and realise there will be a better kitchen in my basement then what some apartment and rent houses I have lived in had. We purchased the top cabinets at the same time as the wall tile. They are in the garage waiting to be stained and then hung.

Sorry for the mess, I wanted to get these pictures up and didn't want to clean! This reno has taken a toll on the basement as far as cleaning it goes! Tools are everywhere. Anything that had stored in the alcove is now in the middle of the living room... and you could come by and see it since I still don't' have curtains up almost a month later! But they are bought thank goodness!

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  1. It looks like it is off to an awesome start! Ican't wait to see the finished results.