Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Block Finished

I finally sat down and worked on my Fresh and Funky Bee-ginners block for August. Chrissy picked the spider web block. I received it about a week ago and jumped for joy. I tore apart the package, blogged it and that's it. The fabric sat on the guest bed until yesterday when I decided to get the guts to work on it! Now its ready to send back to North Carolina! I took a 12.5 inch square of Kona Solid White and quartered it. From there you mark your points and start sewing on your strips.
She sent enough white fabric for 3 blocks (I know because I tried) and enough "scraps" for two block and then some. The corner pieces I got very creative with so not to waste any material. A dive into the scrap/trash pile might have taken place more then once!
Like I said, enough white for three blocks. I attempted it after starting my second block. I thought "if I use the stripes sparingly I'll be able to pull it off" I was wrong! In the bottom left hand corner you can see my 1/4 squares with the first strip of fabric sewn on and a few pieces of large scrap. Chrissy wanted us to send larger pieces back so that she could be frugal and use up every last piece. Can you blame her? Look at that fun fabric!
Now I'll get this sent off to her by the end of the week hopefully. I can't wait for the next month and eventually... in a year my month! Thank goodness I have two more blocks to participate in... yeah I said two. I joined another just minutes ago! Don't worry... One is fast going and done by November the other has yet to start and they think they will in September... HA I doubt it.

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