Monday, February 07, 2011


I want to start my own Business. Yeah. I said it. Out load. Well OK... in print. On the Internet. But it counts!

So I'm not the best sewer... nor do I spend a lot of time actually doing it... but I want to start a business. One with  mock beds that I can throw my custom quilt and pillows on. A store that will welcome local artist to show case there work, because you know a mock bed needs mock wall art! I want jewelry designers to have a place on my funky "night stand" to rest their hand made pieces.

 I want a store.
I want my OWN store.

I want a place that I can try out all those "cool"  and "in designs" that don't actually work in my own house. I want to do this. I want to do this now. 

I also want help. I would like a business partner or two. Someone who knows the buiz or can contribute to the art in the space. Someone from the area that would know what is missing or desired would be great. I have been down town. There is no fun funky jewelry store. There is no one catering to the college kids with dad's credit card. There is no one offering custom fun pieces for the house or anything like that. I know I have looked.

I think all towns need a store like this. Not a store full of junk. No excessive garden paraphernalia or nick knacks for a shelf. Real, USE ABLE items only.

Are you IN?!?! Would you shop here?! Would you go into business with me?

No really. Will you? I'll fly you down if you put up half the start up cost....

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  1. I would definitely go for shopping there. I think your quilts are amazing! I have had tons of people ask me about Evelyn's quilt. You have an amazing sense of style, and I think if anyone could run this kind of store, it's you!

    And if I was in any way financially able to leap into this with you, I'd seriously consider it. However, I would patron like crazy.