Sunday, February 06, 2011

Main Bath redo

We have one bathroom per floor. We recently completed a large part of updating the main bathroom. When we moved in the bathroom looked like this and you can read about what I thought I would get done in the new year.
Well flash forward to the last month or so when I said that I would like to paint the room. We were going to make it the almond color that was in the dining room. Easy enough. That's when we decided to take everything off the walls, pain the vanity, get a new counter top, take the shelves out of closet, make a new closet door, etc etc etc. It became quite the project!

The hallway with all the supplies. Its not a large bathroom. Everything had to be kept outside or the room. Every night we would push it all against the wall so in the morning we could wake up with out stumbling.

Bathroom Mid reno. Had to move the toilet to get behind it and paint. Can also see the cabinet getting painted here.

The hardwood floors and the trim and old closet door being discarded (used for firewood). Eventually this is where Hubbs even cut the wood down to size since it was too cold to go out side and just overall inconvenient to go up and down stairs for every cut. 

The spot where the wall cabinet came down (can see it in the first picture) left a large imprint where the previous owners either painted around it or put it back on when the paint was still wet. Either way, the wall was damaged.
I attempted to repair it... but it was a no go.

I had some left over art work from a project where it didn't work. I marked it out on paper and did a mock trial with the hangings without punching any holes in the wall.

The result was a very heavy feeling. It took up too much of the wall space. You can also see here where we ripped out the medicine cabinet.

Working in the realm of left over art Hubbs suggested these wall plaques that we got for our wedding. They hadn't found a home in this house so I did a mock run with them too.

Three of them didn't cover the damaged area well enough and just looked silly so I mocked up a floating shelf and a bowl. That is what we would work with.

The Day-O-Shopping brought us a new shelf, brackets to hang it, and a new mirror. The bowl and potpourri I picked up at work. Its Mandarin Orange and will change with the seasons I'm sure. the shelf will also be stained a darker color or painted white. Going to live with it a while until its warm enough to go out side.

Here you can see the new round mirror. Its nice to have a different shape and something large enough to cover the ugly hole. 

Here you can still see the UGLY light fixture. Once again the previous owners decided to paint around it so there is a giant build up of paint around the edge if you move the light fixture. The crown of lights will be moved as soon as we figure out a solution! 

Looking in from the hallway. Now, this isn't what I would have down had the walls not be torn up and various other problems. But I think We did good with what we were handed! 

Now, we just have to finish the closet, cut trim and stain it when its warmer and clean up the ceiling with some touch up paint.


  1. That is such a huge improvement! I would never know the walls were screwy!

  2. Love it!! And BTW, HD has some light fixtures, 2 light and 3 light both down lights in either ORB or brushed nickel for $30. GL!