Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Do list

On the right hand side I have a to do list. Recently I have found my self looking at it as a reminder of what I need to get done. Never really thought it would be possible to forget what sewing projects I would need to do... because well there just haven't been that many... but now their are!

Wedding Quilt- I have the top pieced but haven't done anything else with it. It was originally for a friends wedding. I got all excited since I had the perfect fabric, then a few months have gone by, haven't heard anything about the wedding and am debating on giving this as the gift. Hubbs even likes it enough to say "I think we should keep it". I have PLENTY of the fabric left over to make another one... so that's not the issue but I'm not sure I want to make the effort if the bride hasn't.

Campbell Baby Gift - You can read all about that gift here. I was just going to send the items, but recently booked a flight home, so I'll hand deliver the gift to my O'friend.

Mom's Quilt-  The top is finished but none of the pictures will load here! I tried to baste it the other day but the batting I had was too small and apparently so was my backing... so a trip to the fabric store is needed.

C Gift 1 -A gift for a friends little girl, but I haven't heard from her in a while and I'm not sure what the point would be to make something now. The little girl is young enough to play with baby dolls, I might send one of my finished baby blankets to her for fun.

C Gift 2 - Same friend, same situation. We didn't talk a lot before, but now we are talking even less.

Primary Quilt(Rainbow Quilt)- This was originally going to be a project with this great primary colored fabric I have with white thin sashing. Then the Rainbow Quilt along came about and the Primary colors have been put on hold, but since they are similar I'll keep this up for a while. I am currently prewashing my solids. I heard they bleed a little and there is too much white for me to chance that after its all put together. I am also in the process of  collecting scraps for the center block. Hopefully I'll iron and cut into the fabric tonight!

New to the list are a few things that may or may not actually happen....

Bro Pillow- My brother asked me if I would make him another quilt. He has my first one. I laughed and told him I was on the list next, He'll need to get married first (he's 22) before he gets another, but I did offer a matching pillow. I have quite  few scraps left over from the quilt so I'll easily be able to patch up a pillow or two.

ETA: finished the pillow yesterday after writing this post but before posting!

Apron- Bride to be might just get a cute retro apron. She doesn't cook much, but loves frilly retro items. I'll talk to the Hubbs see if that will be better then sending off the first quilt he actually has liked!

Baby Houser- A friend is due in late fall with baby 2. I'm sure I'll be making something as soon as we find out the sex. I'm thinking embroidered items, blanket, pillow, etc. Mommy sews so I'm sure nursing covers etc would be made by her if she wants them... but I'll tackle the fun things!


  1. ACK! The Housers are having another!?!?! She needs to blog more! Hurray for them!

  2. Oh Corley, I heart you! Love that you are thinking about us and baby numero dos!

    Elle, you just got off FB a couple weeks too soon! Try this one instead btw: