Saturday, May 07, 2011


We are moving. Yeah. Its official. Husband got the word Tuesday. We are still working on salary and time frame but its a done deal. He'll start working up north in two weeks and when the house sales we'll fully move up there. Its a level 3 move in the company which means they will help with the moving and selling of the house, but not actually buy our house. Which is also up for negotiation again if it doesn't sell soon enough.

I have known about this for almost a month now. We had word back in April that Boss Man Uno and Boss Man Local were header our way and wanted to discuss this new position. So I started house hunting instantly. Husband was not apposed to this like he had been back in December for more local sales. So what have I found? I would love to show you!

This mammoth of a house has a two car garage with a two car car port. Nice kitchen and decent everything else. Most of the pictures are from the outside. Its apparently in the middle of town and just a few miles north of the office. Yeah for that. Its also SO far out of our budget better come fully remodeled because we won't be able to make any effort in "sprucing it up" like we have this house!

This is a house that I'm not sure we can even consider. It has 4 other buildings on the 1.4 acres. Which is great for the husband but not really an overall selling point to every one you know? The house does have new windows, roof and wiring which is good, its an old farm house. But it also looks like an old farm house. Tiny flower print wall paper on anything that was large enough to make the effort to cover. Country blue trim. Knotty wood. That kind of thing. We dont' really want to put any effort into the house (he won't have time) but taking off wall paper is right up my ally! I can learn to paint well enough. This house is just south of the office... but in the middle of no where.

There are also tons of other houses....
"Great inside, HUGE yard, Must See"

"New, partial fence, need to consider"

"LARGE garage, great inside"

"Four bed, Three bath, no inside pictures, looks promising"

"Small, fenced yard, decent kitchen"

We are considering a LARGE variety. It needs to be move in ready... but not pretty. Up to date but not modern. Budget completely depends on the house selling now. Here is hoping.

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  1. Seems like you guys move almost as much as we do...but you actually move to different cities :)