Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fall Bee

So, I started another bee. I realize I like working on a block or two more then I like working on a whole quilt. I get tired with an entire quilt and dont' get much progress done on it if I dont' sit down and plow through it. With that in mind I decided I needed another bee... yeah that puts me at like 8 bees for Aug and then back to 6 in Sept or maybe even 5 or 4. Some of them are ending.

IF you remember this picture from the Shop hop a while back... Well I cut up all those cute snow man for my July and August bees. So far I have 2 back, but they are cute. I asked for 16 inch blocks with a bunch of bright bold primary colors that have Christmas themes. It will be SIMPLE to put together once I get them all in. I decided to do something similar with the Halloween them on the right. Before I commit to anything I'll see how much I love my snowmen. Then we'll decide. But... I am excited.

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