Monday, August 22, 2011

The New House

Alright, tomorrow I we take ownership of our 3rd house! GEEZ. Might I remind you that I am not even at my 3rd wedding anniversary!? Hubbs mentioned this shows indecision. I think we just move too much! Just to be clear, we have bought all these houses thinking we would be in them longer then 9 months or 2 years.

Today we got to walk through. I forgot my camera and was able to grab a few snap shot with out the realtor thinking I was too crazy.

This is your back yard. I am currently standing next to our one car garage/shed at the back of the property that you can reach from an ally.  The shap under the tree on the left is our pergola. It is about the size of a parking pad and I'm not sure it wasn't at one point. It has seating on the right side and a large planter on the left. It also has electricity already ran. PARTY!  Looking the house you can see the three season room on the left (with all the windows) that use to be a porch. We are going to turn it into a mud room for now, safe for dogs. The bottom window on the right would look into our breakfast nook that is off of the kitchen.  The top window is looking into the masterbedroom. Behind the start is our wall-O-closets in the master bath, pictures to come. The attic is large enough to do something with, but we aren't sure what yet.

This is the back yard standing beside the house looking back. The previous picture was taken next to the tiny evergreen by the garage. You can see the pergola better at this angle.  We also have a flag pole. This yard is a huge change from the 1/2 acre we currently have. The stairs on the right lead into the 3 season room
This is the front living room. The craftsman touchs of wood every where is so nice. The stairs aren't quite in front of the door like this picture makes it look. I am standing in the dining room to take this picture. The kichen door would be on the right wall where the stairs turn into the second floor. This room is floor to ceiling wall paper and will be painted before the furniture gets moved in!

This is the dinning room. It was so much bigger then I imagined! Our current little table will go in the breakfast nook instead of here... this might be my sewing room for a while. It too is floor to ceiling wall paper. It too will be going. Not sure if it will be the same color as the living room or not. The double door goes out to the 3 season room. The door out is further to the right and not in the picture to go out side.

This is the upstairs hallway from the top of the stairs. Counter clockwise starting bottom left. Red bathroom, Master, hall closet (dark door), bedroom 2, then bedroom 3. Bedroom 3 has a staircase going up to the attic. We haven't figured out what we would do about this room if we convert the attic to a usuable space.

That is all for now. I'll add more in the next few days. So far I'm only working with my cell phone so the pictures are hit or miss. The bathrooms are a mess! I'm missing pictures of the kitchen and basement. Can't wait to get started tomorrow!

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