Monday, September 19, 2011


If the last post was about being "Lost" this one is all about getting directions.

After a few days of emotional unloading on Hubbs (poor guy!) we decided on a plan.

I am furiously working on getting my clearances and what not updated (missed it by a few months) to get to substitute teach. Depending how the next few weeks and semester goes we'll talk about me going back to school. In this waiting period we will also discuss what to go to school for!

I have consider picking up Elem ed which would take me two years. So then I could teach K-8 then 8-12 social studies. Seems to open up a lot right? Well probably not. Plenty of ladies and gents can teach k-8 so no big deal. So then Maybe I should get my masters! Library science? Sure! then I can do a few Library things and maybe work outside of a school. Still, a pretty pigeon holed kind of education. So we'll venture out and look at other degrees. I would prefer to build on the one I have and not start from scratch... but maybe that is direction I need to go! So that's the plan, or direction I am headed in!

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