Monday, October 17, 2011

For Grandma

We wrapped up our bathroom remodel some time last week I think. I have some pictures for ya'll.

This is what we started with. Burgundy carpet, "Sponge painted" bottom paper, tiny red flowers on the top, and a leafy boarder to split them. Its actually a really decent size bathroom compared to what we have had in the previous two houses.

The O'so lovely medicine cabinet that was removed. It currently is living on our porch if anyone is dying to get this piece of tin back up on the wall. Yeah tin, its not wood or original that I know of.

Ready for the updates?

No really??

Can you handle the lovely modern twist I'm about to lay out for you?!

New tile, paint, mirror, lights, molding, and re purposed book case.

Looking into the hallway. Shower on the left and the new mirror on the right.

The new mirror. We found it at the Habitat for Humanity restore for about 30 less then the store it came from. I'm pretty happy for it since I still can't point out the flaw.

Re purposed book case. It has pretty new fluffy clearance towels too. I don't love the book case but it does look good here and might get stained darker some time.

Great tile job by Hubbs. I couldn't get him on board with black and white hex and Hubbs talked me into modern tile. I picked dark so it wasn't too obvious that the floor changed. However its pretty obvious but looks amazing.

Well That is the bathroom update for Grandma... and Kim and a few others ;)

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