Saturday, March 12, 2011

Campbell Baby Gift

A friend of mine from WAY back in the day is having a baby. Well, shes do like this second, but my gift for the baby is really for play time in a few years, so I'm not in a big hurry. I ended up getting material for a fabric book. Well after seeing a friends facebook pictures of her knit work I ordered up three animals to go with my Jungle Book. They arrived Friday.
These things are so stinking cute! Hubbs even liked them. Since they got here I was inspired to finish my side of the project.

Since they aren't sure what they are having yet and their them is jungle I figured this worked. Along with the book and animals I made a bag. Its a lime green with darker green circles along with turquoise and brown ones. I lined it with an organic blue left over that I had. I figured if its a boy, its boy colors, if its a girl... its just a purse! the book fits perfectly.

I'll take you on a tour of my book. Its about a Zebra who has rainbow stripes and is sad that none of the other zebras look like him.
The first page has added 3-D button butterflies. The second page has leaves and flowers that can be unhooked or unsnapped.

This is the point where this becomes a toddler gift and not a baby one. Although the small pieces are still sewn on well, I don't need some baby choking on a palm leaf!

This set of pages sadly doesn't have much to offer. I wasn't sure what to do with them and apparently just moved on!

This page the Zebra comes across the Jungle ranch that has a bunch of colored animals, but  none like him. I added some extra "leaves" for texture.

And if you look under one set you'll find a cheetah! I figured this really could be used for anytime the baby needs entertaining!

Eventually the Zebra sees a Rainbow and its striped just like him!

I added rows of sequins that I am VERY proud of! I even am trying to figure out a way to get something similar in a frame. It really does impress me that much!

The front and back of the book. I just love this little group of gifts. I eventually added snaps to the monkey paws so he could hold on to things. Its adorable if I do say so my self! This will be headed off the post next time I go that way. This turned out very cute and I have no problem sewing up one of these again for a friend!

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  1. Those animals are cute, but the book is amazing! You did a GREAT job on it! The rainbow zebra reminds me of that zebra bubble gum though haha!